Our research approach encompasses a combination of theoretical modeling, experimental laboratory work, instrument development, field studies, and the use of ocean color observations obtained by sensors on airborne and satellite platforms.

Current projects

  • Improving the Satellite Retrieval of Water Quality Properties under Complex Atmospheric and Aquatic conditions (NASA Grant 80NSSC22K0909)
  • AquaFloat: A Near-Surface Hyperspectral Radiometer System for Improved Ocean Color Measurements within the UV-VIS-NIR Spectral Region (NASA SBIR Phase II Grant 80NSSC21C0490)
  • FjordPhyto: Engaging Tourists to Understand Polar Phytoplankton Dynamics Using Field and Satellite Observations (NASA Grant 80NSSC21K0856)
  • Maintenance of MODIS Algorithms to Estimate Particulate Organic Carbon Concentration in the Surface Ocean for the Aqua and Terra Satellite Missions (NASA Grant 80NSSC21K0700)
  • Next Generation Algorithms Based on PACE Capabilities to Obtain Inherent Optical Properties of Seawater Associated with Phytoplankton, Nonalgal Particles, and Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (NASA Grant 80NSSC20M0252)
  • Development and Field Testing of a Spectral Radiometer for Measurements in Extremely Low-Light Marine Environments (NSF Grant OCE-1829782)
  • Assessing Alterations to Planktonic Community Composition in a Changing Arctic Ocean (NSF Grant OPP-1822021)

Recent projects (since 2010)

  • Refinement, Evaluation, and Application of an Improved POC Ocean Color Product for Continuity of Climate Data Records (NASA Grant 80NSSC18K0956, ended in 2022)
  • Collaborative Research: Riverine Carbon Contributions to Alaskan Arctic Coastal Margins (NASA Grant NNX17A172G, ended in 2021)
  • AquaFloat: A Near-Surface Hyperspectral Radiometer System for Improved Ocean Color Measurements within the UV-VIS-NIR Spectral Region (NASA SBIR Phase I Grant 80NSSC20C0469, ended in 2021)
  • Development of an Improved Model to Obtain Seawater Inherent Optical Properties from Ocean Color Remote Sensing (NASA Grant NNX15AQ53G, ended in 2018)
  • Development and Testing of Multispectral Optical Method for Assessing Phytoplankton Community Composition from Ocean Color Measurements in Bio-optically Complex Arctic Waters (NOAA Contract SciTech OSTA TASK002-WA009, ended in 2018)
  • Quantifying the Spectral Absorption Coefficients of Phytoplankton and Non-phytoplankton Components of Seawater from In Situ and Remote-Sensing Measurements (NASA Grant NNX15AC55G, ended in 2017)
  • Quantifying Sources of Optical Backscattering in Support of Remote-Sensing Applications for Water Quality (NASA Grant NNX13AN72G, ended in 2017)
  • Scoping for Interdisciplinary Coordinated Experiment of the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle (ICESOCC) (NASA Grant NNX14AD86G, ended in 2017)
  • Development of Instrument for Quantitative Characterization of Size Distribution of Aquatic Colloids (NSF Grant OCE 11-26870, ended in 2016)
  • Improvements in the Filter Pad Methods for Determining Absorption Spectra of Aquatic Particles in the Ultraviolet Spectral Region (NASA Grant NNX15F83G, ended in 2015)
  • A Multi-Depth Underwater Spectroradiometer for Validation of Remotely Sensed Ocean Color and Estimation of Seawater Biogeochemical Properties (NASA SBIR Grant NNX11CH52P, ended in 2014)
  • Dynamic Camouflage in Benthic and Pelagic Cephalopods: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Crypsis Based on Color, Reflection, and Bioluminescence (ONR Grant N00014-09-1-1053, ended in 2014)
  • Optical Detection of Particle Concentration, Composition, and Size Within Arctic Waters (NASA Grant NNX10AG05G, ended in 2014)
  • Assessing Biodiversity of Phytoplankton Communities in the Ocean from Optical Remote Sensing (NASA Grant NNX09AK17G, ended in 2013)
  • A Miniaturized UV/VIS/IR Hyperspectral Radiometer for Autonomous Airborne and Underwater Imaging Spectroscopy of Coastal and Oceanic Environments (NASA SBIR Grant NNX11CA01C, ended in 2013)
  • Wave-Induced Fluctuations in Underwater Light Field: Analysis of Data From RaDyO Experiments (ONR Grant N00014111003, ended in 2011)
  • Carbon Dynamics in the Beaufort Sea from Field and Satellite Observations (NASA Grant NNX07AR20G, ended in 2011)
  • Measurements of Wave-Induced Fluctuations in Underwater Radiance Under Various Surface Boundary Conditions (ONR Grant N00014-06-1-0071, ended in 2010)
  • Development of Sensor Networks for Aquatic Nanoparticle Characterization (NSF Grant OCE 04-28900, ended in 2010)
  • Optical Signatures of Red Tides in Coastal Southern California and NW Mexico: A Study Towards Development of Monitoring and Early Warning Systems (UC-Mexus Grant, ended in 2010)