Academic Staff

Dariusz Stramski : Professor

Dariusz Stramski


My research interests cover a wide range of topics in the areas of ocean optics, optical remote sensing of the ocean, and applications of optical methods in oceanography. Example topics  include the optical properties of marine particles, estimation of organic carbon pools and phytoplankton diversity from ocean color remote sensing, wave-focusing of sunlight in the ocean, and advances in measurement methodologies for characterizing the optical properties and size of particles. I joined the Scripps faculty and founded the Ocean Optics Research Lab in 1997. Please see my Scripps research profile for more information.
Rick Reynolds : Project Scientist

Rick Reynolds

Project Scientist

An ecologist by training, I am interested in understanding the propagation and utilization of light in aquatic ecosystems as it influences several biological and biogeochemical processes. I am particularly interested in the development and application of optical tools to address ecological questions encompassing a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. I invite you to visit my Scripps research profile for more information.
Ishan Joshi : Staff Research Associate

Ishan Joshi

Staff Research Associate

I received B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering in 2009 and M.Tech. in Earth System Science and Technology in 2011 from Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur (India). As a recipient of the German Academic Excellence Award (DAAD), I worked on remote sensing of greenhouse gases using an extended range atmospherically emitted radiance interferometer (E-AERI) at IMK-IFU (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany). I earned a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 2017 where my research was focused on investigating estuarine water quality and dynamics in the northern Gulf of Mexico using field and satellite observations. I am interested in exploring new ideas to study role of particulate and dissolved organic matter in a variety of waters using remote sensing and data mining techniques.

Current Graduate Students

Matthew Kehrli : Graduate Student

Matthew Kehrli

Graduate Student

In spring of 2019, I graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) earning a B.S. in physics and a minor in astronomy. My undergraduate coursework has led me into the field of Oceanography where I plan to study Ocean Optics. I aim to utilize my skills in modelling, experimentation, and rigorous physics background to accomplish novel research throughout my graduate school career. My current research goals focus on further studying and developing satellite models to evaluate optical properties of the ocean, and to utilize various optical techniques to better understand the composition of our oceans.
Anjali Narayanan : Graduate Student

Anjali Narayanan

Graduate Student

As a student researcher with the Aquatic Optics group at the Canada Center for Inland Waters, I discovered an interest in satellite and optical oceanography while using remote sensing techniques to identify harmful algal blooms, their spatial extent and severity, and while investigating optical properties of water in various Canadian lakes. I also have a keen interest in modelling, algorithm development, and data science as a result of my undergraduate experiences. My current research focuses on developing a remote sensing algorithm to help determine phytoplankton community composition in Arctic waters. Outside of research, I enjoy yoga, exploring the city, and crocheting.

Former Lab Members

Daniel Koestner – Graduate Student, 2012-2019; Postgraduate Researcher, 2019-2020
Sorin Constantin – Visiting Fulbright Scholar, 2019
Hugh Runyan – Graduate Student, 2016-2018
Linhai Li – Graduate Student, 2011-2016; Postgraduate Researcher, 2016-2018
Hubert Loisel – Visiting Scholar, 2017
Xiaodong Zhang – Visiting Scholar, 2017
Ewa Gassmann – Graduate Student, 2010-2016
Jan J. Tatarkiewicz – Development Engineer, 2010-2014
Monette Karr – Development Engineer, 2012-2014
Griet Neukermans – Postgraduate Researcher, 2012-2014
Guangming Zheng – Graduate Student, 2007-2013; Postgraduate Researcher, 2013
Amábile Ferreira – Visiting Graduate Student from Brazil, 2011-2012
Julia Uitz – Postgraduate Researcher, 2007-2011
Jean Dubranna – Postgraduate Researcher, 2011
Jens Ehn – Postgraduate Researcher, 2010-2011
Pierre Gernez – Postgraduate Researcher, 2009-2011
David B. Allison – Graduate Student, 2001-2010
Qian Yang – Visiting Graduate Student from China, 2009-2010
Selda Yildiz – Graduate Student, 2008-2009
Florence Lahet – Visiting Research Scientist from France, 2006-2008
Vanessa M. Wright – Staff Research Associate, 2005-2008
Elena Torrecilla – Visiting Graduate Student from Spain, 2008
Eduardo Millán Núñez – Visiting Research Scientist from Mexico, 2007-2008
Sławomir Woźniak  – NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science and Engineering and Postgraduate Research Oceanographer, 2001-2003; Visiting Research Scientist from Poland, 2004-2006
Mirosław Darecki – Visiting Research Scientist from Poland, 2002, 2005, 2006
Ezra Y. Miksic – Graduate Student, 2003-2006
Jacek Piskozub – Visiting Research Scientist from Poland, 2000, 2001, 2002
Marcel Babin – Visiting Research Scientist from France, 2000-2001
Hubert Loisel – Postgraduate Research Oceanographer from France, 1999-2000
Antoine Sciandra – Visiting Research Scientist from France, 1999-2000
Jarosław Tęgowski – NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science and Engineering and Postgraduate Research Oceanographer, 1998-1999

Evan Brorby – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2023
Emily Peng – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2023
Aster Taylor – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2022
Sean P. Hart – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2019
Matthew Kehrli – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2018
E. Riley Blocker – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2017
Eric Chen – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2016
Katina Foley – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2016
Luiza Sartorato – Undergraduate Volunteer from Brazil, 2016
Riley Peterson – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2015
William Lush – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2014
Julia Lozova – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2013
Jillian Freese – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2011
Julie (Yin) Huang – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2010
Eric Orenstein – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2010
Su-Jen Roberts – Undergraduate Summer Internship, 2006
Tom Cichocki – Undergraduate Work Study, 2006
Agnieszka Cieplak – Undergraduate Work Study, 2005-2007
Marta Cichocka – Undergraduate Work Study, 2005-2006